Health Coaching

Have a particular problem you want to solve ….. maybe you are sick of taking pills? Want to try to clear your skin? Want to try to sleep 8 hours a night? Want to fix your constant bloating?  Want to fix your acid reflux?

These are just some of the everyday problems we fix…. The NATURAL WAY

Hear words like…. vegan, juicing, gluten free, sugar free, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, ketogenic? But cant quite understand what it means or where to begin? Or moreover – how it will help you?

We can answer all the questions!

Invoke our Health Coaching services and we offer a free introductory screening and we will tap into our extensive team of nutritionists, naturopaths and natural healers and get your on your way to becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself …. The natural way!!

Sign up for your Free Introductory Health Coaching:    

Packages (1 hour session per week):

One session (1 hour) = $150   

3 week package = $285    

5 week package = $425    

10 week package = $800    


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