A Simple Spring Cleanse

So,  for all of those of you out there motivated to start a juice cleanse or want to do some sort of detox for the beginning of the Spring season, but you feel you are unable to cope without eating … Read More

4 Steps to Good Health

There is no such thing as in incurable disease. The first step in overcoming dis-ease is to put a stop to its cause. This always begins by changing the habitual patterns of thoughts and feeling, which had been the invisible … Read More

The Magic of Crystal Healing

Crystals are natural rocks and minerals from the earth that are formed over billions of years with amazing healing properties.  They are an integral part of the earths core and have been placed on earth to send out healing to ALL Life………. … Read More

The Sticky Truth

I Hate to Burst your bubble…. But I think its time we know the real truth about the world of chewing gum. As children, we are taught the “art” of blowing bubbles with a piece of “bubblicious” Seems almost like … Read More

Dont Do Diet

For many of you the content of this blog will be nothing new. However for many of you, many of whom are good friends, I feel compelled to repeat the dangers of Aspartame or “Diet” anything. If you can remember … Read More

Cook me Up Something Raw

Increase Raw and Increase Your Life! We all know we should eat more vegetables, but what many of us don’t realize is that cooking foods actually destroys many of the vitamins and minerals that make that particular food good for … Read More