New Year, New resolutions and some New Hair?


New Year, New resolutions and some new hair? That doesn’t sound so bad….

I know many people are very particular about their hair and always do treatments to protect it, make it thick and voluminous, or just make sure it doesn’t fall.

I for one have never given that much importance to my hair, in relation to other things (such as my teeth) but so I was hit much harder recently! Had I been religious in taking care of my locks, I could have prevented my hair from the recent shedding that it has been doing. I find my hair very dry, brittle and always a lot in my brush after I have brushed my hair…. So I had to do something!!

Now I have gone to the salon’s  many times and done all that I could chemically think  of… something called “spa – treatments” (who even knows what that is), deep conditioning treatments, and many other things. I even started trying oil in my hair, but I never had luck with it as I always felt my hair fell more than grow with any hair oil. 

 But in a moment of genius….. I realized my dear mother had an obsession with hair and she would surely have a solution. And, boy was I right!

She told me you have to use Castor Oil…. who even knows what that is? I for sure didn’t and all I had ever read about it was that it helps with inducing labor for a pregnant women.
So I did a test run, as I always do, in fact I tested it out 3 times and I can stand here today and tell you that I have never felt my hair so strong, soft and full. In fact, I have a total of 3 strands of hair that have fallen I think in the last 2 days… So You Have to try it!

Please stop trying to use chemical based treatments, keratin treatments (which are full of horrible horrible toxins), or just unnatural solutions.  This little miracle is full of Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, antibacterial properties and has a lot of anti-inflammtary qualities.  So meaning that it helps to improve your scalp circulation or strengthening of the hair, it helps with the antifungal qualities that many times lead to hair loss. It seals your hair with moisture so it totally helps the dryness and also with Split ends!! I am convinced this is the best natural treatmnent you can do for hair loss and hair strengthening.

But, there are many tricks to this little bottle of glue, and when I call it glue anyone who has ever seen it or used it for anything understands that it is the thickest oil that you will probably ever see.

So….. it is important that you dilute it with any other oil (or even water if you want) So the consistency wont stick to your hair and be unable to wash off. Also try to dampen your hair a tad so that it soaks in easier.  That’s about it, leave it on for an hour or a day, it will help you and your hair!


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