Who Said Fluoride is Good for You?

Ok so for some time now there has been an ongoing controversy over Fluoride in the toothpaste or not?

I have mixed feelings on this.

Lets start with Fluoride and what it is:

Fluoride is technically a pollutant. It is a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing. Many say that the large aluminum companies in the 1930’s actually funded the campaign for fluoride being good for cavities so that they could have an outlet in which to dispose of their waste. (but that’s another story.) In all the propaganda over Fluoride – we sometimes tend to think things are good for us, simply because they are told to us enough times.

There are many dangers that are associated with it as well. It has shown to affect your mind and body.

Because fluoride increases the absorption of a person’s aluminum, it is linked to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s as aluminum is what is found in their brains.  It also affects the nervous systems, which can lead to numerous problems of joint mobility and neurological problems.  And of course it is also linked to bone cancer.

OK so what it does for teeth ……Fluoride is meant to be a cavity preventer. However it is a know fact that Fluoride actually does increase discoloration and strength of teeth. Teeth become yellow and brownish with the use of Fluoride. They also become more crumbly and weaker.

So there is a toss up, some say that it helps their cavities and many say they wouldn’t use it under any circumstance.

I haven’t quite made up my mind but all I know is that too much fluoride is not good under any circumstance.

I have been using organic toothpaste for about 2 years now and every time I use my husbands “Aquafresh” or whatever normal toothpaste he has, my mouth burns and I have to quickly rinse it out.

So hence I am thinking something not so good about it…. maybe some think thats a good thing but I find it horrible and unnatural.


I alternate between a natural fluoride toothpaste and a fluoride- free toothpaste. My organic fluoride toothpaste has less than lets say a brand like “Colgate.”



If you cant buy organic toothpaste anywhere then do try some natural options like Neem or Tea Tree Oil.

One good alternative to prevent cavities is to use Neem products or Neem toothpaste. It helps to prevent cavities, heal gums, reduce plaque, and eliminate mouth bacteria. This is because Neem is an anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

Another option is Tea Tree Oil. Which is a natural product that I cannot control myself from raving about. I keep Tea Tree oil at home for most anything- but I will leave that for another post sometime.  For now try it in a toothpaste.

America, is the only country that still has fluoride in their drinking water. Most countries have stopped it due to the side effects and different studies. So for children and those living in the States, they consume enough fluoride on a daily basis for them to avoid it in their toothpaste is actually probably a better option.

Basic changes such as not drinking soda and substituting milk are viable options for children with cavities. As sugars cause cavities and milk increases the strength of your teeth and prevents cavities as well.

Be conscious of things around you.

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