Eating Oil with a Spoon

When you first think of coconut oil, or any oil for that matter, you cannot associate it with having health benefits. For as long as you have heard, oils are bad for you, clog your arteries and avoid them. However, virgin coconut oil may be one exception.

I know this may sound gross but I eat 2 spoons of coconut oil a day, one in the morning and one in the night.  I stopped for a long time mainly because my stock got low but I have started again now that I have re-stocked.

Coconut oil is known to cure many diseases. It has strong anti-viral and anti-fungal qualities. It also helps with weight loss and digestion as it fights unhealthy bacteria in the body.   Because of these qualities – it also kills fungi and yeasts in the body. We all have unnecessary bad bacteria in the body so it is important to try on a regular basis to eliminate it.

VCO also helps to regulate cholesterol, helps your thyroid, and helps your metabolism – to name a few benefits. So essentially, it is a pretty great product to start using.

It is very important that you take Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and not any coconut oil that has been processed or partially hydrogenated.  It is not a very thick oil, so you wont really find it a problem to eat with a spoon.

With many diseases that seem to get worse with the intake of glucose and sugar, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, Virgin Coconut Oil helps tremendously. Alzheimer’s is one disease, for example, where patient’s brain can no longer use glucose, some consider it the “diabetes of the brain”.  However when the brain does not get glucose it starts to shut down from lack of usable energy. (This is my simplified way of explaining things).

So then…. How can we get the brain to get energy without it being able to get its glucose? When the brain does not get glucose, it uses another fuel that our body produces called ketones. Because Virgin Coconut Oil is a Medium Chain Fatty Acid, it converts into ketones regardless of your diet. Hence, the brain is receiving energy and is able to restore itself. It’s almost like miracle oil for some.

I always get mine from Whole Foods, but a friend asked where she could get it in New Delhi, and I did find it in Good Earth.


It doesn’t hurt that Coconut oil also helps your skin and stretch marks.  For Pets that have skin disorders, you can also use coconut oil on their skin and it has been seen to help tremendously. When dogs lick the coconut oil, it is even more beneficial for the dog, so it is unlike the antibiotic creams that most doc’s prescribe.

Be conscious of things around you!

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