When life throws you a Lemon

I am going to go “back to the basics” and explain a few simple things about the body…

There should be a natural state of acid and alkaline in the body in order for it to be healthy.  With our daily lives, stress, our acidic foods, lack of vegetables and greens, processed foods, meats, etc, our body tends to become acidic. Most diseases can ONLY grow in an acidic body. When you have a body that is acidic it allows and fosters different types of diseases to grow, cancer being one of them.

Seems so simple, yet, why are Ant-Acids the number #1 over the counter drug sold?

Yups, Ant-Acids are sold more than Tylenol, Excedrin, Bendryl, etc etc etc. Please start to imagine how manyyyy people in this world are suffering from this epidemic.

Hence, for many who know me – they know my lifelong obsession with keeping the body alkaline. I can write tons of different things that I try and I use, which I will eventually hope to share. But I think its smart to start of with the first thing that I stared off with, it is the easiest and requires no thought: Drink water with lemon.



A lemon or lime by itself is acidic but when you put it in water and drink it, it is metabolized by the body as alkaline and helps to alkalize the body.  So try to replace or add just a bit of lemon to your water on a daily basis and it will make all the difference.

Also if you can go to the local drug store, you can pick up a PH strip.  You can just put it in your mouth and it will tell your acidity levels.

Enjoy the day.

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