The Magic of Crystal Healing

Crystals are natural rocks and minerals from the earth that are formed over billions of years with amazing healing properties. 

They are an integral part of the earths core and have been placed on earth to send out healing to ALL Life………. whether man, animal or plant life.   Due to the healing powers of crystals they have a natural ability to Focus, Amplify, Transmit, Receive and Balance Energy.

From the dawn of mankind, Crystals have influenced our lives.  Even from Cleopatra in Egyptian  times to Now – Crystals have always been used to balance mind and body.

Through tapping into crystals lies the marvelous force of incalculable power that surrounds us all.  They have been used since time  by priests, healers, shamans and rulers to Empower, Energise and Heal.


Crystals have been known for all various things, such as:

  • Healing physical disease
  • Attracting a soulmate
  • Creating positive relationships
  • Protecting your space
  • Helping us deal with anxiety, fears, tension, stress and pain


Crystals can help to :

  • Repair auric damage
  • Dispel electromagnetic smog created by all the gadgets and electronics we use
  • Protect
  • Heal
  • Attract abundance
  • Create love
  • Bring serenity to a home and peace to an individual


The ability of crystals to focus energy means they can be used for specific tasks  such as directing energy to any specific point on the body  or to an emotional blockage. The     disease is then gently dissolved and any imbalance or blockage corrected.

Crystals can be used to treat your food, water, plants as well as your pets.

Crystals can enhance meditation, deepening attunement with universal energies, they can aid manifestation and offer protection. Crystals are all alchemists in that they catch negative energy, transform and transmute it into positive. In so doing they lift the vibrations around you and in you,  and bring you into state of wellness and wellbeing peace of mind  happiness and good health.


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