Sun or Sunscreen?

Everytime I have discussed this topic with people, I have gotten a very negative reaction and dismissal of my thesis.

Nonetheless …. I will give this one a shot.

I, unlike most people,  intentionally don’t wear sunscreen 80% of the time.

It is advised by many, including the FDA and by cancer societies that it should be worn through thick and thin and as OFTEN as possible, actually they say anyone over the ages of 6 months should always be wearing sunscreen in the sun or even when its cloudy.

So why do I make this conscious decision NOT to apply it?

The sun emits two types of rays UVB and UVA and a normal Sunscreen protects you from UVB rays.  I agree to this much!  However, for the sunblock to actually work it has to be applied in large amounts, when I mean large, a little is not really going to do anything.  If you don’t apply it in large amounts to protect yourself, you are applying just a bunch of chemicals on your face or your body (even worse.) And….. it is a known fact that sunscreens contains cancer causing chemicals.

I don’t deny the sun in excess also has negative properties and does cause damage to the skin and eyes. But a little extra Vitamin D for me is far better than piling on all those cancer causing chemicals as my daily ritual.

Buttttt….lets say you lathering on the sunscreen and using it correctly, then which SPF do you choose?

Well let me tell you something else… SPF 15 (used in the correct fashion of course) will protect you from 95% of the UVB rays. SPF 60 will protect you from 97%.. Do you really want to take on a stronger dosage of all those chemicals to protect yourself another 2%??  Stick to SPF 15.

I think I will stop there and let you think about it. I could go on and on ……but I will let you form your own conclusions. But as a sidenote, just know the FDA refused to publish safety standards for sunscreens for 29 years… yes 29 years.


Be conscious of what you do.


Enjoy the day!

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