Keep Smiling!

As my first blog, I thought I would focus on what I find the most important in a persons appearance and personality – their smile!

I give a lot of importance to teeth and because of that, have been a teeth whitening fanatic since a young age.

At the age of 16, I got my first teeth whitening kit. And from then onwards I experimented with numerous things, including laser whitening, brite smile, colgate whitening strips, whitening rinses, whitening toothpastes and not to mention anything I could get my hands on.

As the years went on I started to realize the amount of damage and poison I was actually ingesting by trying all these things….. Lasers? Hydrogen Peroxide? Whitening agents?

Wow, I now shudder at the thought. So I had to think of new ways to keep my pearly whites without swallowing a tub of poison.  After research and trials, I came down to what I think works the best and is the most natural. It is a recipe my mom said she used to use as a kid, Charred Almonds Shells!

So throw away all the chemicals, go to the supermarket and buy yourself almonds that are still in its shell.  You probably dont even know almonds come in shells but yes they do and if you take the almond shells and burn them – take the ashes of it (which are black) and scrub your teeth with it on a daily basis…. Your teeth will be glistening.  Make sure you rinse well after.

Note: you will look a little crazy rubbing black stuff all over your teeth but its worth it!

Enjoy the day!

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