Float the Bloat

Experiencing stomach cramps, indigestion and feeling gassy??? We have all been through it. When your stomach is bloated like a hot air balloon, it can really give you a downer.

Don’t let the best of you turn into a hermit…. start by adhering to these natural, affordable and easily available products and tips to make a healthier, happier and leaner you within just a few hours. Use these suggestions along with the fool -proof “grandma’s cure” below to float the bloat.


Start with these few tips:

• Avoid gas creating foods like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, peas and processed packaged foods for a few days till the uneasiness settle downs

• JUNK food and sodas are a big NO along with caffeine, alcohol and smoking being the biggest enemies….. as they directly hit the stomach lining leading to burning sensation triggering bloat and gas

• Coffee and tea should be avoided due to the caffeine content, opt for peppermint and chamomile teas as they help settling the indigestion making you feel refreshed and relaxed

• Get moving. Exercise is a must or a ten minute walk post meal can do wonders it helps digest food better and keeps the fluids moving

• Load up on some Belly friendly foods like oats, bran, bananas, peaches, papaya, almonds, low fat dairy or pro-biotic products and high fibre vegetables like celery, asparagus, spinach, kale and lettuce with whole grains

• Water with lemon or warm water with a pinch of salt with carom seeds (grandma’s recipe) is the most natural, handy and productive remedy i have come across

• Sleep is the cure for most of the things in life and a minimum of 7hrs is a must. Avoid caffeine post 7 and junk food. Chamomile tea before bed helps relaxes the body and mind which induces sleep. Studies have proven lack of sleep leads to snacking on junk and craving sugary items leading to bloat and gas.

• Do not skip meals and and avoid STRESS which is one of the major reasons behind major stomach diseases. Meditate or engage yourself in physical activities, pick up a hoppy and believe in the power of positive thinking.  A healthier mind will have a healthier gut.

• Avoid antacids and medicines, natural remedies and a healthier lifestyle is the best way to go

DIY at home natural remedy (Grandma’s cure) and is always useful for a quick fix and can help to let the bloat float away:
1tbsp fennel seeds

1tbsp carom seeds


1tsp black pepper

1tsp rock salt


Mix all and crush it coarsely till it becomes a soft powder. Put it in an air tight container. Have one tbsp with water when experiencing bloating, gassy or uneasiness
Leaves you sated elated and promises to zip you up instantly. This powder is something i swear by completely and all natural.


Zoya Singh
Self experienced and studied nutritionist of natural cures and remedies. Fitness expert, health chef and a life coach.


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