Dont Do Diet

For many of you the content of this blog will be nothing new.

However for many of you, many of whom are good friends, I feel compelled to repeat the dangers of Aspartame or “Diet” anything.

If you can remember a long time ago, there used to be a sugar substitute called “Saccharin” which used to have a horrible after taste so…….. the TRILLION dollar diet company was able to disguise the product even better this time around with the invention of “Aspartame.”

This topic is so widely debated and discussed that one could go on with all the different details and research, so I will try to stick to the basic major points that I think will help you to become a little more knowledgeable about it.

Firstly, Aspartame is made up of these ingredients:

1.Diketopiperazine – a powerful brain tumor-causing agent

2. Formic Acid  -ant venom

3. Formaldehyde -embalming fluid

4. Methanol – Extremely dangerous and is know for causing blindness

Secondly, the myth that we all believe that diet substances help us lose weight is incorrect.

Being 200 times sweeter than sugar, the substances in aspartame trigger the release of insulin and leptins. Leptins are hormones that stimulate storage of body fat. Yups – STORAGE OF FAT. You read it correctly…..

Sweeteners (whether real or artificial) stimulate the part of the brain that is related to pleasure. When artificial sweeteners activate that region of the brain – they do not satisfy it – hence it does NOT satisfy the sugar cravings and are likely to cause weight gain.  In laymen’s terms – you think you are fulfilling your sweet tooth, but all you are doing is teasing the brain and aiding it in wanting more.


Not to get too advanced, but for any of those of you  that know about dopamine (related to drug and narcotic users), aspartame has the same elements and do create an addiction.

After reading that, I am sure many of you don’t need me to go on any longer but it’s important to know a few things:

About 70% of the complaints to the FDA are all related to the intoxication of Aspartame.

Anything that says Diet, low fat, sugar free, fat free, are all signals that it has aspartame in it and you should stay away from it… FAR away from it!!


What is really in Diet Soda

Don’t be fooled to think that if its low-fat it is better for you, chances are that it has more bad than any good. Many recent studies show that not only is it linked very closely with Cancer, Blindness, Leukemia.  Take a moment next time you drink a Diet Soda and remind yourself that you are intentionally causing yourself Sleep Problems, Vision problems, Anxiety Attacks, Headaches, Stomach Pain and Fatigue. Sorry to sound so harsh but is as clear as that. Do not ignore the symptoms by popping a Tylenol after it!

It is a neurological poison and some people will have a slower impact than others simply because of their body composition. When tested on Rodents, they were all diagnosed with brain tumors. I know this sound harsh, but Diet Drinks/Foods have become so mainstream in our life today that it can only be counteracted with starkness and severity of the truth!


Some of the most common products we eat with it are NutraSweet, Equal, Diet Sodas, Low Fat Yogurts, Chewing Gum, Drink Powders, Flavored Water, Sugar Free Products and Cereals.


Stick to quality products even if you consume less of it.

Its all about Small Changes.

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