Breaking up with your Mobile Phone

Its time to break up sleeping with your beloved companion…  I know it is a horrible thing for many who wake up in the morning and immediately turn to their cell phones or wake up in the middle of the night to check their emails. But, its time to tear yourself away from that habit.

Is it a rumor that mobile phones cause brain cancer?

Well……one thing is for certain, Mobile/Cell Phones DO emit electromagnetic radiation whenever they are on.  We all know that any form of radiation changes your DNA and that cant be good anyway you see it….

One very interesting fact I learnt is that each mobile phone has a SAR rating (Specific Absorption Rate) which measures the radio frequency that is absorbed by the body.  The US has a limit of 1.6 …… Hmmm, never heard of anyone mentioning anything like that to me when I was last in the market to purchase a phone!

The SAR for my phone is .91


Anytime your phone is on as I mentioned earlier, it emits radiation.

So, just making some obvious and small modifications can prove to be very useful:

  • Try to keep your phone off your ear and at a distance whenever you can!                  Even keeping the phone about 2 inches away from your head reduces the radiation by 75%

  • Do not, do not, do not sleep with your phone underneath your pillow                  Airplane mode turns off the phone for all relative purposes and you can still use your alarm for those of you who use your cel phones as your morning wakeup call.  Keep in mind that sleeping with cel phones under your pillow have been directly linked to brain tumors and leukemia.
  • Try to always use speakerphone, a headset, hands free or a intermediary between you and your phone.  Try to always resort to texting over calling.

Our very dear friends got my husband and I  the “moshi moshi” (which I swear by  now and cant bear to be without)


  • Do NOT let your kids use the cel phone on a regular basis.                                               Kids under the ages of 16 still have the thinnest skulls and the radiation penetrates much deeper into their brain. Many European countries have banned wireless devices for children in schools.  Pregnant women should also minimize cel phone use as the fetus can also absorb the radiation.
  • Try to use a landline when you can and make your conversations on your mobile as short as possible.   If you are on the phone for an extended time try to switch your ears so the exposure is limited. Studies have shown that a 2 minute call on your mobile can change the natural activity of the brain for up to an hour.


An interesting comparison was made, that a cel phone and a microwave emit the same frequency of radiation but you don’t keep a microwave on your ear for hours at a time.  Doesn’t that put it in perspective..! (as I side note – I stopped using a microwave about 5 years ago and don’t even own one now!)  I don’t think I can escape not owning a mobile phone however…


The phone emits the strongest amount of radiation (and please pay attention to this):


A – when it is trying to connect to your party  (Do not put the phone on your ear when the phone is trying to connect)

B – when it doesn’t have signal and you are still trying to dial.  (it is emiting tremendous amounts of radiation trying to locate a signal)

C – when you are in some metal enclosed space such as a car, elevator, train , bus etc.. (in order for your phone to get signal it has to work harder through the metal)


Since we cant get away from the towers, lets try to reduce the second hand smoke.


Remember small changes can do a lot.


Be aware of everything around you!

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