Basta with the Basa

For a while now I was a  little uncertain as to whether I should reveal this little information that I learned a while ago about the river cobbler fish from Vietnam, Basa.

Mainly because I knew so many people who ate it and I didn’t want to be the reason for anyone to stop eating it BUT……. I realized its not fair for me to withhold any information that can allow you to make a conscious, well educated decision.

So I apologize to all those people in advance who may stop eating this fish but I should let you know…. And an advance apology for how queasy you are going to feel after reading this.

So what’s the deal with Basa and why does it taste really good?  and why is it gaining more popularity? And why do most restaurants always have it as an option?

Well… it comes down to 1 thing,  its dirt cheap.

Now……. Why is it dirt cheap.????

Hmmm.. maybe because its farmed in one of the dirtiest waters in the world. The Vietnamese Mekong River!  The Mekong River is one of the most polluted rivers on the planet and it is where most industries dump their chemicals and waste into… Yes, Directly into it!



Hence, Basa Fish is fully loaded with poison and bacteria. I am not going to get into all crazy poisons they carry.  (Not to mention that they are flash frozen in that dirty water.. eeeekssss!)


They are very, very affordable (cheap), are sold in filets with no bones and they have a neutral flavor and texture; many would compare it to cod and sole, only much cheaper.


Do you remember the method of feeding mad cows? (where cows were fed cows) Well, Basa is not far from that.

What they are fed is completely UNREGULATED (does anyone want me to repeat that!!!) So lets see what goes into their “daily diet”…. Some dead fish bones and remnants, and not to mention some hormones and lets add some URINE into the mix. Well to be exact, pregnant women’s dehydrated urine as it makes them grow faster and produce more eggs. (I think I have managed to sufficiently get you nauseous)


So obviously it grows at insanely huge amounts and is readily available to everyone, supermarkets, restaurants, and even manufacturers of other products, who just mix it in to imitation crab, and meat products…. So be weary!



Hence, since multinationals don’t really care if you get sick, have diarrhea , or are vomiting I felt I needed to let you know. Don’t let it get to your dinner table!


Drink a gingerale, it should  help the nausea subside.


Be aware of everything around you!

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