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Who Said Fluoride is Good for You?

Ok so for some time now there has been an ongoing controversy over Fluoride in the toothpaste or not? I have mixed feelings on this. Lets start with Fluoride and what it is: Fluoride is technically a pollutant. It is … Read More

Only Drink with “the Mother”

After my last blog, I felt it was only appropriate to help those who are hooked on Ant-Acids. As I mentioned previously, Ant-acids are the number one over the counter drug sold. But, have no fear, there is a quick … Read More

When life throws you a Lemon

I am going to go “back to the basics” and explain a few simple things about the body… There should be a natural state of acid and alkaline in the body in order for it to be healthy.  With our … Read More

Eating Oil with a Spoon

When you first think of coconut oil, or any oil for that matter, you cannot associate it with having health benefits. For as long as you have heard, oils are bad for you, clog your arteries and avoid them. However, … Read More

Sun or Sunscreen?

Everytime I have discussed this topic with people, I have gotten a very negative reaction and dismissal of my thesis. Nonetheless …. I will give this one a shot. I, unlike most people,  intentionally don’t wear sunscreen 80% of the … Read More

Keep Smiling!

As my first blog, I thought I would focus on what I find the most important in a persons appearance and personality – their smile! I give a lot of importance to teeth and because of that, have been a … Read More