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  I am a snacker. There is no denying it. I have never claimed not to be and am also one of those strange people you will meet that doesn’t see anything wrong with it! I know that sounds nuts but … Read More

A Bubblebath without the Bubbles?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be on a goosechase for Sulfate Free and Paraben Free shampoos and conditoners So it got me thinking…. Is this just the latest buzzword or is there some merit to our diligent pursuit! What is Sulfate … Read More

Basta with the Basa

For a while now I was a  little uncertain as to whether I should reveal this little information that I learned a while ago about the river cobbler fish from Vietnam, Basa. Mainly because I knew so many people who … Read More

A Simple Spring Cleanse

So,  for all of those of you out there motivated to start a juice cleanse or want to do some sort of detox for the beginning of the Spring season, but you feel you are unable to cope without eating … Read More

The Sticky Truth

I Hate to Burst your bubble…. But I think its time we know the real truth about the world of chewing gum. As children, we are taught the “art” of blowing bubbles with a piece of “bubblicious” Seems almost like … Read More

Dont Do Diet

For many of you the content of this blog will be nothing new. However for many of you, many of whom are good friends, I feel compelled to repeat the dangers of Aspartame or “Diet” anything. If you can remember … Read More