I got started on this path about 10 years ago. After finishing law school and waiting for my bar results to come out,  I took over running our family hypnosis centers in New York.  What I thought would be a short stint actually turned my life around.  In that short period in my life, I met the most amazing hypnotherapists, nutritionists, yogi’s, reflexologists and all forms of naturalists. They would come into the office and each give me something new to think about….. to the point where I was a walking and talking natural encyclopedia.  I had the privilege of working with some of the worlds best and renowned natural healers.  Needless to say, I became a different person than when I had started and after that ……..there was no turning back.

So technically I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician…. in fact I have no formal training in this field. I am what you would call an organic junkie.

Things that make sense to me is what I try to live by. I believe in trying to be as natural as possible in my life. I am not superhuman, and I recognize that I can only do so much to help myself. But I think that every little bit makes a difference. And when I mean makes a difference, I mean in the simplest sense, it just makes me feel better.

I have no cures for anything except how to make yourself feel just a little bit better.

Everything I write and post about is just things that I have discovered, researched and uncovered in my years of being an organic junkie and a naturalist.

I hope that out of all my jibber-jabber something can help you too.