4 Steps to Good Health

There is no such thing as in incurable disease.

The first step in overcoming dis-ease is to put a stop to its cause.

This always begins by changing the habitual patterns of thoughts and feeling, which had been the invisible primal antecedent – the core cause.  For, the decomposition of the body (or dying) begins with “negative” thoughts and feeling – that is, feelings of anger, fear, criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame, self-pity, jealousy, resentment, and depression. These conditions decrease the life and energy within.  Good health requires good thoughts and good feeling. Love, peace, harmony poise gratitude, and praise expand the life and light in the body, building energy, vitality and happiness. One must be at peace with one’s inner self. We must face our denials and develop and develop honesty, and integrity, and also eliminate selfishness.

The second step toward perfect health of the body is to stop ingesting anything, including food that does not contain enzymes, life force and vital nutrients.  In other words, avoid putting into your mouth anything other than fresh, whole organic foods, and include a sizeable amount of enzyme rich raw foods in your daily diet.  Foods that are over cooked and fried leave very little nutrition and enzymes to break down the toxins that are needed for excellent health. Lifeless or dead “foods” can cause mucus, toxins, congestions, and excess acids. Excess acids are responsible for congestion of the intestinal tract thence unto the rest of the body. The digestive tract is the hub of the body, upon which every cell and organ depends.


The third step toward overcoming dis-ease is to remove the congestion, toxins, acids, and everything else, from anywhere and everywhere within the body and mind that contributes towards dis-ease. Some health professionals choose to address only the local area of obvious trouble alone. There is no single part of the body that is not affected by the whole, and visa versa. So, all congestion, toxins, and negativity must be removed, and it should begin with the cleansing of the colon.

The Fourth step toward lasting health is to then supply the body with all the needed elements. This includes life-force, enzymes, essential nutrients, and positive thoughts. And most important of all is love –and lots of it. But it is extremely difficult to successfully complete this step until the third step has been accomplished, or is well on its way.



Soorya Kaur combines her expertise as a Doctor of Acupuncture, Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Practitioner, and Raw Food Chef and Consultant to coach clients in personal lifestyle development and to create permanent positive changes in their lives. Dr. Soorya’s commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle has been demonstrated over the last 40 years. She is a founding member of the 3HO Organization and has opened yoga schools and healing centers throughout the US, Europe, and India. She is motivated by a fundamental belief that well being is an act of turning the body, mind and spirit to a state of equilibrium.

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